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Kenya holiday safaris. 

Best of Kenya’s rich cultures, meet, and interact with the Kenyan people, visits to the varied parks that encompass different ecosystems with best wildlife encounters for the first-time traveller as well as repeat clients on African Wildlife Safari. Kenya is home of the ‘Modern Safari’ – the trendsetter of the most rewarding safari adventures in Africa. In recent years Ecotourism has been evolving thus creating better places to live in, and better places for people to visit. Smaller, more intimate tented camps have been developed on the classic safari circuit and we will be staying in them more for a better overall experience and embrace nature more intricately along    www.africasupercatsafaris.com

Sunday, 21 December 2014

What to pack for Kenya safari.
All the lodges and tented camps have great and often complimentary laundry services, which are able to return clothes the same day. On Game Drives a mix of long and short pants goes – a good compromise are those trousers that zip apart at the knee to become shorts. Long sleeved shirts are ideal so you have the option of rolling up or down.
How I gauge the clothes I bring on safari is to take, four sets of clothes that can be inter-changed, if you are going to the ocean then pack something nice to wear for dinner, but on safari your day time clothes are good for dinner wear, no dressing up, no high heels, nothing fancy. It isn't necessary to go out and buy safari pants, or safari shirts, shorts , things you wear for casual wear at home will work for you while on safari, jeans, t-shorts, shorts, tennis shoes.
Game drives in the early morning and early evening tend to be chilly so you will need to have a fleece or light jacket at these times. For guided bush walks the same type of clothes apply well and lightweight boots with a bit of ankle support work well. Light and slip on shoes are also useful in and around the lodges and tented camps.
What colours: Earth (natural) colours are probably best. Basically it’s not a good idea to wear bright colours or white on safari, although around the lodges, tented camps and on the beach anything goes.
Not only does visiting some of the most varied game-filled wildlife attractions in Africa create priceless, and memorable experiences, experiencing it from a bird’s point of view is a totally awesome and unique way to seize.
A feeling which is indescribable, crispness of the African air, chill in the wind that hits your face as your Masai Mara or Serengeti hot air balloon gradually rises, smoothness in the exhale of your breath, and the excitement to see and learn more. One’s physical presence can be felt on the plains of the Serengeti Mara ecosystem when reading this.
Your trip begins when you get your wakeup call at your safari lodge in the heart of the Masai Mara or Serengeti in the early hours of the morning, as you yawn away, and thoughts about your wildlife viewing from an elevated position begins to stir your mind. The fresh Tanzanian traditional hot tea and coffee quickly awaken you, in fact preparing you for a mission.
By 06h00 you are almost arriving at the hot air balloon site in the Serengeti. As you approach the site, the balloon seems bigger than you expected, the experience is one of that has never been visited, and you are about to have a trip of a lifetime.
Liftoff! Up and away we go! At 6:15 a.m. the hot air balloon safari starts. The captain asks you to relax and experience the wonders under the African sky. As you finally start to get a grip on the elevation, an inner smile that resonates on one’s face does not need an explanation. The wildebeest moving in large numbers across the Serengeti plains, the beauty of the landscape when the rising sin’s bright orange colors are displayed, the elephants at the water pool, and the gazelles and zebras scampering away, just if it was their first time to witness an alien object in the sky.
By 7:15 a.m. one is very content with balloon safari, and it is almost touch down time. There is celebration, and for those who prefer a toast, champagne is served as hot breakfast in the bush is being prepared. You ask yourself, is this true? I am really doing this trip of a lifetime in the Serengeti/ Mara Ecosystem? As the sweetness and aroma of the African coffee or tea surrounds you, with fresh eggs being served as you like it, you hope another ride, and wish that such luxury never ended. By the time you finish your Serengeti bush breakfast, you have made up your decision to immigrate to Tanzania because such life is only found here. You begin to question yourself, and you feel an urgency to seek, live and enjoy this pristine beauty, a once in a lifetime “thing”.
By 9:00 a.m. you have been declared a champion, a mighty certificate of completion handed out to you which you hope to display in your home country, to family, friends, coworkers. Clapping and participation by everyone present makes you proud to have achieved a trip as wonderful as this. By then, you hear a blaring sound of music or even an annoying buzz; you turn around and switch of the alarm clock. Your eyes wide open, you know that you have to get back to Kenya or Tanzania; again otherwise the recurring dreams will drive you mad.  Hot air balloon safaris.

Best Time to Visit Kenya.

Kenya safaris.

Depending on the kind of vacation you are looking for will determine the best time for you to travel to Kenya for the experiences that suite you best:
January to March, when the weather is hottest and driest created the overall best time to visit Kenya as it is teeming with life just after the short rains that happen from early November to early January, the animals in the wildlife parks tend to congregate more around watercourses, making the easier to spot and capture great shots.
From July to October, the Great Wildebeest Migration takes place, with thousands of animals streaming into the Masai Mara National Reserve from the Serengeti.
During April/ May and November the rains fall and can turn the roads into marshes and make game drives rather crisis activities in the parks. We rather like to avoid the parks affected and focus on other areas as Kenya has such a diverse ecosystem that it’s possible to find great places to visit no matter what period of the year.  
At wildlife rich regions in the northern Kenya, such as Laikipia & Samburu National Reserve, the rains don’t affect your safari, but may make it more of an adventure to find wildlife. The most ideal times to visit for great game is the cooler dry season between July and October and the hotter dry season of December to March.
The Southern sector of Kenya which comprises of Amboseli, Tsavo East and West National Park is best explored during the dry months of June through to end of October before the fall of the short rains in November & December. January to end of March is also very rewarding when these parks are full of life creating some great photo opportunities and wildlife watching experiences. April through to May we have the long rains and make the roads unpredictable in the park.
The Kenyan Coast is at its best between early December and March or late June to early October. March and April are the hottest months and the rains come in late April to early August randomly and again in late October to November. www.africasupercatsafaris.com

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Kenya Tanzania Safaris.

Tour holiday safaris traversing through Kenya and Tanzania best game parks, with a chance to see East Africa’s rich wildlife and cultural heritage.

Kenya safaris.
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