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Wildebeest migration is on.

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SUPER CATS TOURS AND TRAVEL: Kiswahili phrases for travel

SUPER CATS TOURS AND TRAVEL: Kiswahili phrases for travel: Swahili phrases for travel   Hello = Jambo How are you? = Habari gani Fine (response) = Nzuri Goodbye = Kwa heri See You Later = ...

Kiswahili phrases for travel

Swahili phrases for travel 
  • Hello = Jambo
  • How are you? = Habari gani
  • Fine (response) = Nzuri
  • Goodbye = Kwa heri
  • See You Later = Tutaonana
  • Nice to meet you = Nafurahi kukuona
  • Goodnight = Lala salama

  • Where is the ... ni wapi ...
  • Airport = uwanja wa ndege
  • Bus station = stesheni ya basi
  • Bus stop = bas stendi
  • Taxi stand = stendi ya teksi
  • Train Station = stesheni ya treni
  • Bank = benki
  • Market = soko
  • Police station = kituo cha polisi
  • Post Office = posta
  • Tourist Office = ofisi ya watali
  • Toilet/bathroom = choo

  • Today = leo
  • Tomorrow = kesho
  • Yesterday = jana
  • Now = sasa
  • Later = baadaye
  • Every day = kila siku
  • Monday = Jumatatu
  • Tuesday = Jumanne
  • Wednesday = Jumatano
  • Thursday = Alhamisi
  • Friday = Ijumaa
  • Saturday = Jumamosi
  • Sunday = Jumapili

  • Yes = Ndiyo
  • No = Hapana
  • Thank you = Asante
  • Thank you very much = Asante sana
  • Please = Tafadhali
  • OK = Sawa
  • Excuse me = Samahani
  • You're Welcome = karibu
  • Can you help me? = Tafadhali, naomba msaada
  • What is your name? = Jina lako nani?
  • My name is = Jina langu ni ...
  • Where are you from? = Unatoka wapi?
  • I'm from .. = Natokea ...
  • May I take a picture? = Naomba kupiga picha
  • Do you speak English? = Unasema kiingereza?
  • Do you speak Swahili? = Unasema Kiswahili?
  • Just a little bit = Kidogo tu!
  • How do you say in Swahili? = Unasemaje ... kwa Kiswahili
  • I don't understand = Sielewi
  • Friend = Rafiki
  • I'd like = nataka ...
  • Food = chakula
  • Hot/cold = ya moto/baridi
  • Water = maji
  • Hot water = maji ya moto
  • Drinking water = maji ya kunywa
  • Soda (soft drinks) = soda
  • Beer = bia
  • Milk = maziwa
  • Meat = nyama
  • Chicken = nyama kuku
  • Fish = sumaki
  • Beef = nyama ng'ombe
  • Fruit = matunda
  • Vegetables=mboga

Kenya lodge safaris to Maasai Mara, Amboseli and safaris from Mombasa
Masai Mara is one of the most famous of Kenya safari parks in the world and the most visited park in Kenya.  Standing at an altitude of 5,000 Ft , 300 Kms from Nairobi down the Great Rift Valley with magnificent views in the distance is Masai Mara Game Reserve. The Reserve itself offers the famous 'Out of Africa' breathtaking views and covers an area of 1,510 Sq. Km.
Famous also for the Out of Africa film which was mostly filmed here, this  reserve holds an extraordinary density of animals including "the Big Five" (lions, leopard, elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros). You will be amazed by the populations and species of plains game.
Its an extension of Serengeti and a home to  the  'National Geographic'  nature movies recorded each year as the impressive feature of  annual wildebeest migration of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles from the plains of Serengeti. They cross the Tanzanian border and rivers to reach Masai Mara's grasslands from late June, tracked by predators among them lions, leopard,s cheetahs, and hyenas, numerous circling vultures as their journey unfolds.

Kenya holiday.

Kenya holiday
Kenya is the original home of safari (safari means travel in Swahili). It is the most popular country for safari holidays. You will have diverse natural resources including the world-famous annual Wildebeest Migration in Maasai Mara game reserve, from coral reefs to the rich culture and traditions of the age-old masai community, breathtaking sceneries and Mountain peaks.

Visitors to the Masai Mara can experience the rare excitement of game viewing from a hot air balloon. In the crisp air of dawn, the passengers drink coffee while the crew partially inflates the balloon with enormous fans. The gas burners are then ignited and the balloon fills with hot air slowly raising the baskets. Before departing, finalized checks are made, and the passengers then climb into the balloon basket for a take off.

The balloons lift off just before sunrise when the breeze on the plains is still cold. Once airborne, the balloons are blown by the prevailing winds across the broad landscape. Apart from the hiss of the burners, the flight above the Masai Mara plains is magically silent. The pilot controls the height of the craft by regulating the flow of hot air into the balloon. Sometimes the balloon will descend over the plains for a close up view of the wildlife; on other occasions, it rises to clear a tree canopy and rise over the reverine forest.

At the end of the flight, the passengers are treated to a champagne breakfast, complete with flowers. China and crystal are set out on the table that is placed under a convenient acacia tree. The finishing touch to the flight is a game drive back to the lodge or camp, and the possibility of seeing the same pride of lions, or herd of elephants that had been viewed while ballooning. Over a dozen balloons depart from sites near six of the lodges and tented camps. Our customers are often able to view four of the 'Big Five' while ballooning. A flight certificate is issued on completion of the balloon safari.

The Great Migration - Masai mara

Kenya safari and holiday vacation in Kenya.
The Wildebeest arrive at the Mara River around July and cross over onto the Masai Mara plains. The wildebeest remain here until October, when they return to Tanzania. Gazetted in 1961, the Reserve is located west of the Rift Valley and is a natural extension of the Serengeti plains. The Mara River, the reserve's backbone, traverses north to south. This river course is the natural barrier crossed every year by the large herds of wildebeest and zebra during their migration.